Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions as, by signing the agreement or using the services of Poshpaws (Us), you (the Client) are agreeing to them and are bound by them.


An initial meeting will take place between Us, the Client and their pet before any services are undertaken. This helps the pet to familiarise themselves with us as well as allowing us to view access and security measures in place in the home that we need to be aware of whilst your pet and your home are in our care.


  1. It is the Client's responsibilIty to ensure that all dogs being walked are fully vaccinated annually and are flea and worm treated.  Evidence of annual boosters will be required before We agree to embark on the boarding service.

  2. The Client must inform Us if a pet has previously shown aggression towards other animals or towards people. 

  3. We reserve the right to terminate the contract should the Client's pet, whilst in our care, display signs of aggression towards other animals or towards people, that we feel could result in injury to other animals, other people or ourselves.

  4. We will only accept entire male dogs after an induction period. Young unneutered dogs can create potentially dangerous situations for themselves and us. We may suspend walking services if the dog's behaviour becomes a safety issue. Bitches in season will only be exercised on lead and, whilst every care will be taken to avoid incidents,  We cannot be held responsible for the actions of other dogs or the potential outcome.

  5. Dogs listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act will not be accepted for any of the services offered by Us.

  6. Dogs will be exercised in an area suitable and safe. Dogs will only be exercised off lead with the written permission of the Client and if We believe that the dog has good recall skills and is unlikely to cause an accident or injury to itself or others whilst off the lead.

  7. All dogs using the Dog Walking Service must have, by law, a tag with contact details on it. We will add an additional tag with our details contained on it. Your dog MUST be micro chipped and insured for veterinary treatment.

  8. The Client will ensure that all collars, leads, head collars or harnesses to be used are in good condition. We cannot be held responsible for damage or breakages to collars, leads. head collars or harnesses unless caused by ourselves.

  9. Clients must inform Us of any injuries, allergies or medication relating to the pet. It is the Client's responsibility to inform Us of any changes to the pet's health or existing medical condition.

  10. Whilst using Home Visit / boarding services for pets, it is the responsibility of the Client to provide food suitable for the pet for the duration of using our services.

  11. We hold Public Liability Insurance which covers injury to third parties.

  12. The Client assumes responsibility for all vet's fees should the need arise, as a result of accident or illness whilst the pet is in our care. 

  13. Clients must provide an emergency contact number in case of accidents or emergencies involving their pet whilst in our care.

  14. We are insured against loss of keys and all personal (Client) details will be kept separate from Client's keys whilst in our care.  We cannot be held responsible for any damage to or theft from Client's property in their absence unless negligence on our part is proven

  15. Payment for services must be made in advance unless otherwise agreed in writing. Payments can be made by bank transfer. Cash or cheques are accepted .

  16. Please give 24hrs notice of cancellation by phone or through the website Contact Us page. This will not incur a charge but multiple or late cancellations may result in the withdrawal of services by Us.